Sausage Party Update: Meet Our New MascotJanuary 21, 2011

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What would a sausage party be without a giant dancing sausage? Well it would still be a party full of good lookin dudes and male strippers sucking each other off, but now its a party full of good lookin dudes, male strippers and a giant dancing sausage. So remember its not truly a sausage party unless this dude makes an appearance. Click here to join and see all our videos.


Real guys, this is REAL AMATEUR stuff. See guys going totally wild. Sucking dick. Getting naked. Manjobs, Shit this sausage is RARE BABY.

We Got The Sausage For Ya! sausage party We Got The Sausage For Ya!

Club Mayhem sausage party Club Mayhem

Big Gay House Party sausage party Big Gay House Party

Get Them While They're Hot sausage party Get Them While They're Hot

Meet Our New Mascot sausage party Meet Our New Mascot

Out Of Hand! sausage party Out Of Hand!

Sausage Party In The House! sausage party Sausage Party In The House!

Thank You Sausage Party sausage party Thank You Sausage Party

Orgy Time! sausage party Orgy Time!

Here Comes Sausage Party! sausage party Here Comes Sausage Party!

Not Just BlowJobs sausage party Not Just BlowJobs

Sausage Cream! sausage party Sausage Cream!

Another Sausage Party! sausage party Another Sausage Party!

Happy Birthday sausage party Happy Birthday

New Meat sausage party New Meat

Crazy In The Club! sausage party Crazy In The Club!

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